Welcome to «Burglandschaft» in Spessart and Odenwald,
a region rich in historical monuments

Numerous castles, palaces and ruins, but also fortified churches, monasteries, hillforts and city fortifications are here, just waiting to be discovered by you. The varied cultural landscape in Spessart and Odenwald offers extensive opportunities to journey back in time, surrounded by semi-natural forest.

Experience our castle landscapes – we look forward to your visit!


Education and Information Centre «Burglandschaft (BIB)»

The Burglandschaft Education and Information Centre (BIB) has its central headquarters in the historical Town Hall of Eschau and, since 2014, has housed the project rooms of the non-profit association Burglandschaft e.V. The entire network is shown here, informative events staged and supraregional cooperation coordinated. The aim is to support and promote the monuments involved through well-founded networking and to make them more accessible to the public through joint events and special campaigns. Visitors to the region and, indeed, the local population, are, in this way, informed about the many different offers and the attractions of the cultural landscape.


The Archaeological Spessart Project (ASP)

The Burglandschaft project was created in 2011 as an initiative of the Archaeological Spessart Project. The Archaeological Spessart Project (ASP) deals with all the many different facets of the cultural landscape of Spessart: its history, language, culture, landscape development, natural features such as geography, topography, geology and biology. In close cooperation with universities, research institutes and the Burglandschaft, various topics are researched, published and communicated to the public.


Translation: Karin Boersch.